Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

July 2017: Oxford, England, Day 2 of Workshop.  Our accommodations were located on Osney Lane, and Hollybush Row close to the train station.  Each of the three mornings of the workshop, Jim would drop me off at our meeting spot, the Radcliffe Camera. Jim described it as dropping me off at summer camp, as I had my sunhat on my head and all my possessions in a blue knapsack on my back.  I felt like what a turtle must feel like- with the weight of my supplies, tripod and portable chair neatly tucked in my sack, ready for what ever I might need during the day.   The second morning, as I waited for the others-I took out my pencil and paper, and looked up.

The Radcliffe Camera, neo-classic in style is designed by James Gibbes and was completed in 1749.  The library’s construction and maintenance was funded from the estate of John Radcliffe, who left 40,000 pounds upon his death in 1714.

Later that afternoon we would spend time staring at the building, with the intent of understanding drawing ellipses in perspective.  Since I am reminded that my goal of this website was to practice “not to be perfect” I decided to post this drawing instead of my later attempt as this was a +-10 minute sketch that captures the image of the Radcliffe Camera, without the details.




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