Queen’s Lane, Oxford, England

July 2017: Workshop-Day 3:  The third day of our workshop was actually the Sunday Morning sketch crawl, part of Urban Sketchers-Oxford routine get together to share the activity of sketching with others.

Having enjoyed the day before of sketching Brasenose Lane, I decided that I would look for a spot that I could sit in the shade, sketch a one point perspective, with a multiple of vanishing points all on the same eye level line.  Stephanie, our workshop teacher had spent some time demo-ing drawing and painting trees.  It was already 11:00 am by the time we were off on our own.  As I had planned to meet Jim and Jonathan at 12:30/1:00 pm to go to Bletchley Park for the afternoon, I knew I might not get to colour my efforts.

Queen’s Lane provided me just the opportunity I was looking for.  The view was back towards All Souls College, and New College with the Radcliffe Camera in the distance. As per my original goals this year, I was sketching en plein air, I was using different size paper, and I was certainly sketching more complex views.  New goals I will have to add.  Work faster, so that I can add in colour.


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