Westmount Public Library, Westmount Quebec

April 2017: Westmount Park, Westmount Quebec.  Over the last four months I have regularly been in Montreal.  I have experienced the change in weather from five foot high snow banks to spring, and most recently to the trees leafing out and summer.  With some time one  afternoon in  late spring and the weather clear we walked over to Westmount Park to return a book to the library.

Most recently I haven’t had much time to sketch, or continue my ARtproject, but I knew when I had time again that I wanted to practice – a one point perspective.  I used the library entrance as my subject.  I proceeded to the library entrance on the north side of the building, and continued to the circulation desk to return the book.

The library I discovered was built in 1899, a project to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the then reigning monarch Queen Victoria. The library was apparently the first tax supported public library in Quebec. Over the years the library has experienced a variety of renovations, each time respecting the facility’s history.

When visitors visit Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and experience the Library of Parliament both inside and out the phrase ” the jewel on the hill” is often coined.  My visit to the Westmount Library emphasized that Montreal  has a “jewel in the park” – the Westmount Library.   



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