McLeod Street, Ottawa, Ontario

January 2017-The other day, I was on Mcleod Street, picking up my glasses from the eye doctor, and took some photographs of the row of houses.  The shapes are good practice for my postcard sketching.  The part of Mcleod Street that I photographed is east of Bank Street and I could not help but notice the changing scale around me with the infill of condominiums.

Mcleod Street, is in an area of Ottawa called Centretown, and in the 1860’s it was considered the “edge of the city”.   From what I could find, the street is named after Stewart McLeod.  He was an Ottawa lawyer, and mayor of Ottawa, from 1887 to 1888.  The Stewart family owned some of the land south of Gladstone Avenue, which was then the southern limit for the City.  The area was called Stewart town, with the family home just up the street from my sketch, on the site presently the Canadian Museum of Nature.




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  1. My delight in your sketches keeps growing. Keep it up Deb.



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