Ottawa, Ontario – January

January 2017-A few weeks ago, with the idea of sketching vingnettes  of Ottawa in winter, Jim and I  walked some streets adjacent to Lansdowne Park and took a few pictures for my ARtproject, or research as I call it.  Our weather has been iffy with the days cycling between cold weather, snow and then freezing rain, and then cold again.

I am waiting for the Rideau Canal to freeze, so I can enjoy a skate, and also so I can do some more research.   The Rideau Canal is 7.8 kilometres (4.8 miles long), stretching from Ottawa’s downtown core to Dow’s Lake.  The National Capital Commission (NCC) claims 19,000 visitors visit the skateway during the winter months.  It is no longer considered the longest outdoor rink in the world.  Winnipeg had claimed that the skateway created along the Assiniboine and Red rivers had that title in 2008 and in 2013, the Lake Windermere Whiteway at Invermere, B.C., took the title for a skating trail extending almost 30 km.   The Ottawa Citizen newspaper in 2014 claimed a just-released list of six of the best outdoor skating rinks around the world.   The Ottawa-Rideau Canal was on the list.

It would be nice to practice sketching not just buildings in perspective, but also people. Stay tuned.. for our weather to stay cold for enough days in a row, so that the Canal will be opened .




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  1. Absolutely delightful sketches Deb


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