Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

2016Ottawa, Canada.  Walking from the market, towards Elgin Street, I cut through Major Hill Park, and walked beside the Chateau Laurier adjacent to the locks, and the canal, and looked to the west to snap this photo of Parliament Hill.  The East Block is visible above the treetops, with the Peace Tower in the back and the Library of Parliament in the distance.

Development of Parliament Hill (the Hill) as an area of government buildings that began in 1859, on the site of a military base.  Queen Victoria chose Bytown, as the capital of Canada.  Following a number of extensions, and rebuilds (after the fire in 1916), the parliament buildings in their present form was complete with the Peace tower in 1927.  Since 2000 the Hill has been under renovations; with the West Block presently undergoing a major retrofit to house the House of Commons to facilitate the Centre Block renovations.

Since the 1980’s both Jim and I have worked on a variety of renovation on the Hill, and Jonathan worked for a summer as a tour guide showing tourists the Centre Block.  Jonathan is home from England for the holidays, and knowing the Parliament Buildings is synonymous with home- I wanted to give him a drawing to take back to London.  Almost a year has passed since I started my “postcard” project, and this is the first 5”x7” drawing that will actually hang on a wall.



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