Prague, Czech Republic

September 2016:  Our last three days of our AHI river cruise trip was in  Prague.  Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, nicknamed the city of Hundred Spires, is bisected by the Vitava River.  Our three days were filled with sites and activities.  Although it was already the first week of September,  the city was packed with tourists.  We walked the grounds of the castle,  visited the old town square, saw the astrological clock and the pedestrian Charles Bridge.  Josefov, known as  Jewish Quarters is an architectural gem with buildings still standing, steeped in history .

The Old-New Synagogue, is said to have been completed in 1270, in gothic style.  The synagogue’s double nave opens to six bays.   Looking up towards the vaulted ceiling, a “fifth rib” intersects the intersecting arches.  As we passed into the building, through the vestibule, and into the sanctuary I tried to imagine the number of people since the 13th century that might have found their moment of peace in the sanctuary.



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