Passau, Germany

August 2016: Some river cruises start in Passau, Germany, and as ours was a trip from east to west-we ended in Passau.  From here we would bus on to Prague the following day.  Passau is a lovely town where the Danube River, the Ibz and the Inn Rivers converge. Walking the narrow streets of the old town, it was easy to find our way.  All one had to do was look up to spot the onion dome of the Cathedral of St. Stevens.  We spent our morning on a walking tour learning the history of the town, and surrounding area, had lunch on our own in a small cafe, and ventured on a bicycle ride with our new friends along the Danube River.

As charming as Passau’s narrows streets were, I couldn’t help but wonder those that were told to leave their homes, and life in the 1940’s  – what it must have been like?  When we were on our bicycle ride-although the path along the Danube was pretty,  we did pass by a train station behind chain link fencing, and heard the barking of dogs in the distance.   I could not stop imagining the horrors of Germany during the war.  70-passau


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