Sofia, Bulgaria -Streetview

August 2016:   We arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria after a night flight from Ottawa to Frankfurt, Germany and then a second flight to Sofia.  After a good night sleep we organized a walking tour through the centre of Sofia and started to learn.

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria when researched appears to date to the 8th millennium BC.  It has been a crossroads of civilizations.  We learned that the Cyrillic alphabet used with the Bulgarian language was actually developed in Bulgaria during the ninth century. We saw a blend of architecture, with building dating to roman times, evidence of medieval materials, neo-classical style, neo-renaissance, and socialist architecture to name a few.  Coming from a country with not yet 150 years of history, I wondered who might have walked the cobblestones before me?

I couldn’t help but notice the “quirky” street vendors a contrast to the   surrounding history .  I was reminded  of the  food truck trend popping up in our north american cities over the past few summers.55-sofiastreet


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