Presto, South Dakota

June 2016: Presto, South Dakota.  We had spent two nights in Custer State Park with the intent of a day visit to Mount Rushmore.  As we continued our journey eastward, across United States our destination was Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  It was one of our longest days of our driving, and a rest from the winding roads and mountain passes was a requirement.  Interstate 90 was our route.  As we started our journey we continued to notice multiple wooden signs with directions and distances to Wall Drugs.  It was impossible not investigate what the signs were all about.

The story goes in the 1930’s the Hustead’s needed the traffic crossing the prairies on the highway, and by passing the town of Wall, South Dakota to somehow detour and access the drug store.  The idea started with a few wood signs to entice the traveler and “free ice water”.  The rest is history.  A drug store that has grown to a tourist destination- a group of stores that sells just about anything.  You can still stop for “free water”.

We continued on our journey and stopped for lunch in Presto, South Dakota- part of Lyman County- population +_ 500.




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  1. Lovely drawing/watercolour Deb.


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