Drive to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

May 2016: Our first day our journey across Canada we drove from Ottawa to Sault Ste Marie via North Bay and Sudbury.  Our drive included the eastern shores of Georgian Bay.   The shores and waterways of Georgian Bay, the traditional domain of First Nations lands was a major Algonquian-Huron trade route.  Samuel de Champlain, was the first European to explore and map the area in 1615.

As we travelled it became clear that the landscape was dotted with what appeared to be family farms, and wood barns were plentiful.  Typically the barns were rectangular in shape, grey or red in colour with stone foundations.

On researching Canadian Barns I found the following: “The earliest Canadian barns, rude shelters for livestock, were built of logs on newly cleared land.  As techniques were improved and imaginations went to work, a wide range of barn designs began to dot the land: square barns, rectangular and polygonal barns, barns that looked like houses, barns with twin openings, barns with decorative arcades, barns with heavy second story overhang, massive fortress like stone barns.”

I didn’t yet know it but as we crossed the country I would photograph a portfolio of barns, trying to determine the differences and similarities.

46-Sault Ste Mariebarn







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