Amphitrite Point, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

June 2016 : This afternoon we saw sunshine for the first time on our visit to the Pacific Rim National Park.  It is as if we started to see the environment in colour, not just black, white and grey.  We read yesterday in one of the brochures, “there is no such thing as bad weather, just clothing choice.

Yesterday we explored Ucluelet and the Lighthouse Loop-on the Wild Pacific Trail.  The trail followed along the coastline with amazing ocean vistas.  First on our walk was Amphitrite Point, named after the naval warship H.M.S. Amphitrite in 1859 by Captain George H. Richards of the Royal Navy.Captain Richard was responsible for surveying much of Vancouver Island.

The original wood lighthouse  built in 1906, was destroyed by storm waves in 1914, and replaced with the current structure in 1915. The squat lighthouse is built like a bunker to withstand the extreme weather condition.  Constructed in January 1915, the original supplies were hauled overland.  The original lighthouse used a kerosene lamp with two large stainless steel mirror reflectors which amplified the light.

A light keeper’s role included lighting the lamp at dusk, returning at midnight to revolve the mechanism, then back at sunrise to extinguish the light.  When fog rolled in the added role included stoking a coal fired boiler to generate steam for the fog horn.   In 1966 the lighthouse was electrified.  In 1988 the lighthouse was automated and de-staffed.

42-Uclulet Lighthouse


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