Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper, Alberta

May 2016: Jasper Park Lodge situated on the shores of Lac Beauvert was first established in 1915, as a wilderness resort.   With the expansion of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway from Edmonton to Jasper in 1911, the railway company quickly set its sights on creating a tourist camp to host travellers as they made their way through Jasper National Park, which had been established only four years earlier.

The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway envisioned a recreational destination and within a few short months, 10 large tents, each with a wooden floor and walls, were constructed and on June 15, 1915 Jasper Park Camp, commonly referred to as “tent city” was officially opened.

On opening day, rates at the camp were $2.50 and $3 per day or $15 and $18 per week. There was a $1 charge for a round trip from the railway station to the camp with horse drawn carriages. The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway also offered a special round-trip ticket from Edmonton to Jasper that was valid for two weeks for $8.45.

The history includes eight bungalows constructed in 1921, and eventually a main lodge.  In 1952 the original lodge was destroyed by fire, and then replaced by the present lodge.  Over the years additional cabins were added to the property.

As we look out from our room, the lake is in front of us with the backdrop of the mountains.  The breathtaking view includes Mount Edith Cavell, Lectern Peak, Mammoth Basin, and Whistlers Mountain.




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