Punta Tombo, Argentina

March 2014:  Two years ago we cruised the coast of Argentina, rounding  Cape  Horn, through the Straits of Magellan, and then along the coast of Chile.  Along the way we visited: Punta Tombo- a Penguin Reserve, and spent a few hours observing the Megellan Penguins.  The Penguins are known to migrate during the spring, along the Patagonia coast.  During the cold months they travel more than 3000 Km up to the Brazilian coasts in search of warmer weather.

We were in fact lucky to see the migratory birds, as it was the end of the season.  Thousands of the migratory birds stop to nest, but typically until March or early April. Easily in view, were the nests, or holes that the penguins dig in the sandy ground.  From here they head out to the ocean to get food, and then waddle back to feed their young.

The Cruise Ships have brought an industry to this area.  Most recently new walkways have been built to contain the tourist and let the birds be in a protected area.  I remember being quite amused as the tourists from our trip, all in colourful rain gear walked along the wooden walkways out towards the area where the birds were resting on the rocks, and swimming off the coast.  There appeared more of us, than the  penguins that were about to start their long journey on the migratory path.



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