Lighthouse, Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

June 2013:   Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, a classic red and white lighthouse operated by the Canadian Coast Guard,   is situated at Peggy’s Point, immediately south of the village and the Cove.

The first lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove was built in 1868 and was a wooden house and beacon on the roof.  At sundown the keeper lit a kerosene oil lamp magnified by a reflector creating the red beacon light marking the eastern entrance to St. Margaret’s Bay.

That lighthouse was replaced by the current structure, an octagonal lighthouse which was built in 1914.  It is made of reinforced concrete and retains the eight-sided shape of earlier generations of wooden lighthouses.  This Lighthouse stands almost 15 metres high.  The lighthouse was automated in 1958.  Since then, the red light was changed to white light, then  green light and finally in 2007 to conform to world standards the light was revised  to red.

25-Peggy's Cove Lighthouse


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