Duddingston, Edinburgh

July 2014: The summer of 2014 we visited Edinburgh to become familiar with the sites and sounds of the city.  Jonathan was to spend the following year at the University of Edinburgh. Our explorations included climbing Arthur’s Seat, to experience the views of the city, and of course to say we had reached the top.  We started at the base of the Royal Mile, and headed up one of the paths through  Hollyrood Park.  On our return, we took a detour onto Queen’s Drive, and then down a walking path along a field stone wall towards Duddingston,  a former village now a suburb of southeast Edinburgh.

The views on the path included old Georgian homes and in the distance Duddingston Loch.  Our destination was the Sheep Heid Inn, a village pub and restaurant, said to date from 1380,  one of the oldest surviving watering hole.  We had a wonderful lunch before heading back to our starting point.  IMG_1096 - Copy



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  1. I love it when paintings are just so much more beautiful than a photo of the same scene. Great job – wonderfully subtle variations of greens


  2. As always, a delightful drawing/watercolour. Marc


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