National Monument of Scotland, Edinburgh

July 2014:  The year was 1816.  The objective was to build a monument to the Scottish soldiers who died during the Napoleonic Wars 1803- 1815.  Charles Cockerall, Architect and William Playfair were hired for the task.  The image emerged of a monument modeled on the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.  The monument was to have an upper building with classic columns to house a place of worship and below were to be the catacombs to honour the soldiers.  The project was to be funded by the public with an estimate of 42,000 pounds.  Only some of the money was raised. In the years from 1826-1829 foundation stones were laid and 12 pillars erected.  The  monument remains unfinished. The inscription reads ” to be a memorial past and Incentive to the future Heroism of the men of Scotland.

The monument located on Calton Hill, overlooks the city of Edinburgh.  The columns and stone foundation are also called “Edinburgh’s Disgrace; Edinburgh’s Folly, the “Pride & Poverty of Scotland.”.  Personally whether finished or not on a warm summer afternoon, I enjoyed the peaceful place to sit and view the city.

19-Edinburgh Folly


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  1. I like the drawings of Lisburne Road and the Scottish memorial very much. Good stuff!

    Received a nice thank-you note from Jon together with some photos of his first ride into the countryside.



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