Mont Tremblant, Vieux Village

January 2016:  In 1937, Joe Ryan, accompanied by Lowell Thomas, climbed Mont Tremblant on skis with skins to discover the outstanding views across the Laurentians from its summit.  At the top, an exhausted Joe Ryan was reputed to have said, “This has to be the most beautiful sight in the world.  There is only one thing wrong.  It is too difficult getting up here.  I believe I’ll fix that!”  (

From the history I can find it appears  that Joseph  Ryan and his wife Mary Ryan launch the first Chair ski lift– 4,200 feet of cable (250 skiers an hour) – for six runs and  the chic Mountain Lodge in 1939.    With the purchase of the resort in 1991, the year round resort was enhanced. The mountain ski runs were expanded,  new accommodations, restaurants and shops were built.  Unique to Mont Tremblant is the pedestrian village.  Some of the  structures dating from the original hotel and inn were repurposed and incorporated into the Village Street.  For those of us that grew up skiing at Mont Tremblant remembering what used to be where, is half the fun of walking the area.

16-Village of Tremblant


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