2018 my ARtProject continues. The project began January 2016 as  I challenged myself to draw, paint, or sketch a few times a week.  The objective: practice, not to be perfect.  My project has moved from postcard size with a bit more confidence to larger formats.  I continue with the intent to practice, to work “en plein air”, and most of all to enjoy the experiences that the drawing exercises bring.

In 2016, I recorded our travels and created 77 unique watercolour postcards highlighting our adventures.  In 2017, with new paints and brushes in hand, my Postcard Project continued.  2017 was a  year closer to home, with frequent travels between Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.  A highlight of the year included a sketching/plein air/watercolour workshop in Oxford, England with Stephanie Bower, which  was amazing.  My favourite lesson was sketching Brasenose Lane. The horizon line is constant, and the buildings reference a variety of vanishing points.

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